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Building Character One Teammate at a Time

Foam Finger WE ARE ONE TEAM is the inspirational character development school program developed by acclaimed guru of motivation, Jim “Basketball” Jones. This new multi-part program teaches individual core values that help students adopt lifetime behaviors that promise personal and interpersonal benefits. A unique focus on HOW students become respectful, honest, grateful, caring, reliable and enthusiastic. The program cultivates and reinforces character traits that will have a positive effect on their daily lives and, therefore, increase their self-esteem and confidence while creating a safe, friendly and supportive learning environment. Ten Character Plays (teaching units) make up the WE ARE ONE TEAM  Playbook for Students. Each Character Play has four lessons within it, which will include Practice Sessions (role play or activity), Team Huddle (discussion group) and Fill Our Gym Bag (summary of character play). Within each Character Play is a Take Home Challenge (apply the skill at home) and a Newsletter directed to the parents describing the Character Play and how it can be applied and reinforced at home. The Coach’s Manual for Teachers includes lesson plans for each Practice Session. Each lesson plan comes complete with learning objectives, a key lesson question, student worksheets, and description of process, discussion questions, enrichment ideas and suggestions for alternative plans.

What makes The WE ARE ONE TEAM program unique is that Jim “Basketball” Jones provides a video Pep Talk for each of the 10 Plays that introduces the core value, explains its importance, and identifies positive behaviors for students. The key premise of the WE ARE ONE TEAM  program is that through identification, practice and reinforcement of positive character traits and behaviors, students will develop the social foundations necessary to be successful in the educational setting as well as the other aspects of their lives.


We are 1 team…with 1 mission…
to be our best…TOGETHER

Breakdown of the 10 CHARACTER PLAYS in the
WE ARE ONE TEAM character education program:

  1. WE ALL MATTER examines how important each player is to the TEAM. Individuals each bring something unique and different to the game and that makes the whole team better and stronger. “Be Present, Be Unique & Be your Best!”
  2. BE AN UPSTANDER by identifying potential situations, providing words to use to diffuse the conflict and guidelines on how and when to seek support from an adult. “I got your back!” and “It only takes one person to make a difference.”
  3. BRING YOUR GAME TO SCHOOL concentrates on developing a positive work ethic by instilling pride in work habits and encouraging consistent personal evaluation on their own production. The school can create a new culture in work ethic by using concepts of “I Can Plus-It” (make it better) and “I Own My Own Effort!” “You have to be willing to Stand Out to be Outstanding!”
  4. ADDRESS TO IMPRESS has a primary goal of teaching appropriate recognition of others in various settings. This play is designed to encourage students to be mindful of others, to use manners, and to respect themselves and others with their greetings. “Because Nice Matters.”
  5. BE A GOAL DOER establishes the idea that goal realization goes beyond just setting a goal, instead students must decide on an end goal, develop a plan of action, work through potential problems and persevere. This play breaks down Goal Doing so that it becomes a “Piece of Cake”. The students will learn the benefit of “WHY – Power!” in accomplishing their goals. “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’ll be right.” “A goal without action is only a dream that won’t come true.”
  6. LET YOUR FRIEND SHINE is about honoring others and recognizing the situations where we can let them have a moment in the spotlight. This play encourages students to be less self-focused and more others-focused. “Treat people better than you want to be treated!”
  7. CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE (CYA) concentrates on how powerful it is to recognize that we may not be able to control what happens or how things turn out, but we can control how we respond to them. Students will learn how to respond to their environment versus react to it. “It’s never going to be a Perfect Day, but it is Always a Perfect Day to choose your attitude.”
  8. THINK IT THROUGH points out that we are ultimately responsible for our choices and should therefore be cautious when making decisions. Before taking action students are taught to ask themselves three questions: Is this the right time? Is this the right place? Is this the right way? “Good Choice, Bad Choice, My Choice – Make Good Choices!”
  9. BE COACHABLE relates to the concept of being a life-long learner and practicing applied knowledge. Students will recognize the value of learning from others and learn how to ask for help and assistance from others. It is good to be an eager learner and a patient listener and being willing to accept help is a sign of strength not weakness. “Our mind is like a parachute, it works better when open.”
  10. MAKE A DIFFERENCE encourages students to move beyond themselves and ask how they can add value, to find purpose and be the difference they want to see. “I am the best me ever born. I am important, I matter, I’m unique, I’m creative, I work hard and I was born to do great things!”